How to setup Tiktok Pixel

Step by step guide to help you setup Tiktok pixel for your look-alike pages
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Note: Use browser that allow you to download Chrome Extentions, in this case the TikTok Pixel Helper

1. Go to your TikTok Ads Manager and from the navigation bar go to Assets -> Events. 

Click on Manage under Web Events and once the Dashboard opens you'll find Set Up Web Events button on the top right corner, click on that.

2.  Choose TikTok Pixel as the Connection Method and continue. In the next window name the pixel and choose to Manually Install Pixel Code. And lastly choose Standard Mode. Click on the Create to continue.

3. In the next page you can find the pixel code. Follow the steps from the picture below.   

     1. Scroll all the way down.

     2. Copy the ID highlighted with the rectangle in the image

4. Now go back to Geeklab's dashboard and click on your name tag to open the dropdown and navigate to Attribution Settings and click on TikTok Pixel.

Fill in the information;

Tiktok Pixel Name - This will be the name of the pixel on Geeklab. So when you create a campaign you'll find this pixel from Attr. module -> Attribution (pixel) dropdown.

Tiktok Pixel ID - This is the ID we copied in the last (3) step. 

Now, before we go back to Events Manager page, let's add this pixel to one of the campaigns. 

Note: this is only so that Tiktok can verify the pixel on a look-alike page. So you can quickly create a campaign just to verify the pixel or edit an existing campaign and change the pixel to the one that you just created. 

Once you have implemented the pixel, copy the variation tracking link. Then let's jump back to Event Manager on Tiktoks website. We'll use the variation tracking link in the 5. (Verify pixel code installation) step. 

When the pixel is verified, lets advance to next page.

5. We still need to define an event to which we want to optimize now that we've created it and linked it to a look-alike page. So, let's click Add Web Elements under Click Events

A page similar to the one seen in the image below should open.  

Note: if you haven't installed Tiktok Pixel Helper (chrome extension), you need to do that before you can continue.  

When you can see the look-alike page on the left click on any element on that page and choose Yes to Add this element.

Now, that you have selected the element you can edit the event.

   1. From the dropdown choose Click Button as Event Type.

   2. For clicked element you have to edit the css element. To do this click on the edit button (pen icon). Erase the previous css element and type in the following .pixelInstall . Then save the changes. 

Note: The dot needs to be before the word and there is capital I on install. 


You are have now successfully created and implemented Tiktok pixel to your look-alike page. 

You can test the pixel with Tiktok pixel helper (chrome extension). Pin the chrome extension so that you can see it on your top bar on browser. Go to the look-alike page (one with the pixel) and click on the get or install button. The 0 in the pixel logo should turn to 1 very briefly. 

Note: in some cases we have seen the pixel take up to hours before activating. But if you have any concern regarding the pixel setup you can always type in the live chat or send an email to 

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