Getting Started with Geeklab’s AudienceLab and Meta ads manager

This tutorial will quickly show you the steps you need to take to request access to the Geeklab's Facebook app and to get started with AudienceLab
Written by Jesse Lempiainen
Updated 1 year ago

AudienceLab is a powerful tool that lets you manage your advertising campaigns directly from the Geeklab dashboard. By running ads through AudienceLab, you reduce the amount of manual input and can concentrate on the parameters that are important to your campaigns.

To link Geeklab AudienceLab to your Meta Ads Manager, you must first obtain access to the Geeklab Meta App.

To gain access, go to your Meta Business Manager and then to your Business Manager settings. This is how the url should look:{yourbusinessidhere}

❗️Before you create a System User, make sure your business manager has a primary page. You cannot request app access until you have assigned a Facebook Page as your business manager's primary page.

Navigate to the business info section at the very bottom of the sidebar to assign the primary page.

As shown above, you can select the Primary Page at the top of the forms.

Go to accounts and select apps from the dropdown menu to request access to the Geeklab Meta App.

To request access, click the Add button. When you click the button, a dropdown menu appears, from which you must select Request access to an App ID.

This launches a modal that prompts you for an App Id.

Copy and paste this id: 4582700651761855 into the App Id section.

Click the Request App button.

This is all that is required of you. Within 24 hours of submission, our team will review and approve your request. If you are on one of our aided plans, please contact your personal account manager for a quicker approval.

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